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Treat your team to unlimited free delivery on all fresh bread, dessert and pastry orders

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Everybody loves SweetPass

SweetPass is a benefit that gives your team free delivery on any SweetnFresh orders they make. Be it WFH fuel or ‘al desko’ snacks, or a fresh loaf of bread for weekend breakfast, they save on delivery costs.


Group ordering

Let your team eat whatever they like, together Save time and create a group order. Share the link and let everyone add their favourite desert.


A fresh approach to catering

Say goodbye to boring desserts. Enjoy fresh pastries and baked goods from our wide range of bakeries. Whether it’s a virtual conference, or an office party - we can help you create a five-star experience.

Getting started is simple

You can choose the SweetPass monthly plan or subscribe to our annual plan to save money. Each colleague you include gets a unique code to sign up and starting to order.

Try SweetPass For Free

Frequently asked questions

- What is SweetPass for Work?

SweetPass for Work is an employee perk that you can buy for your team at a discounted rate. It means your staff can enjoy unlimited free delivery on all of their personal SweetnFresh orders, at any time.

- How much does SweetPass for Work cost?

The cost of a SweetPass for Work subscription is determined by the number of employees you have or wish to include in your SweetPass subscription.

- Is there a minimum purchase for SweetPass?

The order must reach a minimum subtotal of $12 to be eligible for $0 delivery fees.

- Do I have to sign a contract?

Simply sign up and fill out your business details in the sign up page. Once you've filled out all the steps, opted-in to an agreement and accepted our terms and conditions you'll receive an email confirmation.

If we need any more information from you, a member of our account management team will contact you. In most cases you can start using your account within 24 hours.

- Can I try SweetPass for free?

We offer a 14-day free trial so you can try SweetPass for your business. Subscription automatically renews after trial.

- Can I cancel my SweetPass subscription?

You can cancel your SweetPass subscription at any time